Vacation Deets + Building a Yogurt Bowl

Hello lovely readers!

I’ve recently returned home from a much-needed vacay to La Romana, Dominican Republic. After two heavily stressful university semesters filled with internship applications, internship interviews, and a heavy work-load I was so ready to relax and say goodbye to any and all worries for a week. So my boyfriend, Pat, and I packed up and headed to La Romana on April 29th for a week spent sipping out of coconuts on the beach.

We took a lot of photos (food photos included) and I thought to share them with you all that I would just do a little vacation photo dump here! Then I’ll follow them up with some tips for a post that I’d been planning on Building the perfect Yogurt Bowl! Enjoy loves!

La Romana Vacation: 


The beautiful beach of La Romana


Mojitos at the lobby bar.. a nightly ritual.

Vacation must-haves: Margaritas and pool floaties.

A typical vacay breakfast..chocolate croissants optional.

Sushi night!

The freshest, sweetest coconut water.

Gorgeous Saona Island.

Catamaran fun.

My vacation diet: 85% fruit, 5% cocktails, 10% tortilla chips + guac. It’s called vacation for a reason!

Like I said, it’s called vacation for a reason. #noshame 

Palm tree handstands!


Now for what you’re REALLY reading this for…

Building the Perfect Yogurt Bowl: 

Lately I’ve been obsessed with loaded yogurt bowls. Realistically, I’m obsessed with fun topping combinations.. so basically my yogurt bowls are usually more toppings than yogurt. Whoops. Read on to find out how to create the best yogurt bowl EVA from home!

Step 1: Choose your yogurt.

There are so many varieties to choose from. Full-fat or Non-fat? Plain or flavoured? Greek or regular yogurt? It all really comes down to your personal needs and preferences. I like to switch between Greek and regular yogurt because I personally prefer the texture of regular yogurt, but I often like that Greek yogurt offers an extra protein boost. Usually I eat plain yogurt, as the flavoured varieties often have a high sugar content. To sweeten plain yogurt, add a little bit of honey or maple syrup or fruit. If you really hate the taste of plain yogurt but are still looking to lower the sugar content, try making your yogurt bowl by mixing half plain and half flavoured. In terms of fat content, I’m not usually picky, although I do most often by non-fat yogurt.

Step 2: The Sweet Stuff

Here, we’re talking about the fruit. I never eat a yogurt bowl without some sort of fruit! Bananas and berries are my go-to. But if you want to go more tropical, you can always try mango, papaya, pineapple and melon! I also like making bowls with apple or grapes and cinnamon in the fall.

Step 3: Crunch

A yogurt bowl is not a yogurt bowl without some crunch!! It’s the best part! Your best options for crunch: Granola, nuts and seeds like sunflower and pumpkin seeds. In terms of granola, store-bought varieties can be high in sugar, salt and fat. I love making homemade granola, there are less additives and there is so much room for creativity in trying new flavours/combos!

Step 4: Superfoods/Seeds

For that extra nutrition boost, I like to add things like chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax, and goji berries. This is totally optional.

Step 5: The Nut Butter (DUH)

This is also optional. But why you would opt to not include nut butter in your yogurt bowl is beyond me. Definitely tied with granola as the best part. Peanut, almond, cashew, etc.. it’s all game!

So, next time you’re craving a yogurt bowl..use these steps to build the tastiest, nutrition-packed yogurt bowl you’ll ever make at home! Enjoy.





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