I’m Hannah. A twenty-something nutrition grad and dietetic intern pursuing my dream of living a healthy, balanced, fit lifestyle and inspiring others to do the same!

I have completed my Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition, and have gone on to start my Dietetic Internship in Toronto, Canada. I’m a retired varsity soccer player, crazy dog lady and foodie. I want to show you guys that eating well is NOT boring! In fact it is DELICIOUS! Hence, Today Will Be Delicious.

I love healthy eating (and living, for that matter) because I truly believe that food plays such an essential role in the health of both our bodies and our minds. Eating nutritiously not only gives me energy, but it boosts my mood and makes me happy. This is so exciting to me and I love to share my passion for food, health and wellness with anyone and everyone who is interested.

As far as fitness goes, I love to work out – everything from spin class to Zumba to Barre. My favourite ways to keep fit are running, hiking, yoga and strength training.

I have a 6-year-old Boxer-Beagle-Lab mix named Bella who I’m utterly obsessed with. We adopted her from a local rescue and she is my number one recipe-taster. My family (including Bella), best friends and boyfriend are my biggest supporters and they’re what is important in my life!

Things I love: Dogs, good coffee, sweet potatoes, brunch, books, morning workouts (mornings, for that matter), chocolate, a good sleep, the ocean, green smoothies, cottages, runners high, hot yoga, nut butter, travelling, sports, sushi, being organized, Nicki Minaj, white wine, pizza, girls nights in, grilled vegetables, cozy outfits, smokey eyeshadow, nude lipsticks, and country music.

That’s me! I’m thrilled to have you here at Today Will Be Delicious so thanks for reading!

So much love,



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey beautiful! I love your story 🙂 I am a health coach from Canada and recently found your instagram account. I would love to connect. What’s your email? xx Marlie

  2. Hi Hannah,

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    We want students (and people in general) to share the guide in social to participate.

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