Life in Pictures #1

Happy Friday!!!! Party!!!

I can’t believe it’s almost the last weekend of September! Time is just a flyin’ by. I’ve been so so so so so so busy and I’m seriously run down but everything in my life is pretty great right now so I’m not complaining šŸ™‚

Today I’m excited to be participating in my first ever blog linkup! Linda over at The Fitty invited me to the “Life in Pictures” linkup that occurs biweekly where us bloggers publish a post solely of pictures from our day/our week and it’s up to you readers and your imagination to guess the captions! Thanks, Linda! Here goes!

















Fit Fed and Happy

I hope everyone has an amazing last weekend of September! I have two soccer games and two midterms to study for but that won’t be stopping me from enjoying every minute of it!

Sending positive vibes to you all ā¤

xo Hannah


7 thoughts on “Life in Pictures #1

  1. 1. You love your doggie!!
    2. This is pretty much good for #WIAW too. You had a nice hearty bowl of oats with PB and butterscotch(yup, I see those camouflaged orange bits!) and chocolate chips and for lunch you had some classic mac and cheese(from a premade box?)

    I love your linkup. Thank you so much for coming to the party, you are a lot of fun. Hope to see you again on the 10th of October! #LIPlinkup

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