Dietetic Internship Week #6

Woohoo! Last week of Food Service Management.

As I’m writing this, I’m currently finished with Food Service and on to my next rotation – and it’s been quite the change of pace. But let’s recap on my last week. I’ll keep this one short because it’s now been a full week since I’ve finished and 1. I can’t exactly recall everything that happened during week 6 and 2. I have an update to write about my first week of my Family Health Team rotation as well. 🙂

Early in the week we held a taste panel that us Food Service interns had organized. At the taste panel, RDs and food service management staff attended and tasted potential new patient menu items. While tasting, they ranked the food items on things like appearance, taste, texture, etc. After the panel, it was up to us interns to choose which items to would actually be added to the menu and served to patients, based on their taste panel scores. We ended up choosing to add 2 items to the menu (a vegetarian lasagna and a quiche).

Basically for the rest of the week we had some finishing touches to put on our presentation/ project report before sending it off to our project supervisor. Unfortunately, once we sent the documents to our supervisor it was definitely not smooth sailing from there. At the end of our lunch hour on Friday (our last day of rotation), we were pulled away by our project supervisor as she had some feedback for us. The feedback consisted of quite a few of changes that she suggested we make. That wasn’t exactly what we wanted to hear on our last day of rotation, with our presentation scheduled for early the following week. Long story short, it was back to the drawing board on a few things and our presentation was postponed. Not exactly the way we saw our last day going. It was a bit of a bummer!

After that meeting, we started to work on our revisions but had to prepare for our final evaluation meeting with our preceptor. The evals went well, and we left the meeting feeling a little better about our last day of Food Service.

At this point, we’re finished with the rotation, and the evaluations are complete. It’s just a matter of wrapping up with the project and presenting in the upcoming week. I’ll keep you guys updated on how it goes!

On the weekend, Pat and I headed out of the city to do some hiking and enjoy the fall colours. We found ourselves in Hamilton/Dundas, Ontario and it was so gorgeous! The photos speak for themselves.

Other than that, I spent my Sunday doing the usual (running, groceries, laundry, food prep, cleaning, and preparing for the week). As I mentioned, I started a new rotation in Family Health Team and had lots of reading to do on things like Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Infant/Childhood Nutrition, Healthy Aging, etc. These are all topics I’ve found myself interested in for the majority of my education so it really wasn’t hard to read about. Now I’m one week in to Family Health Team and loving it. Stay tuned for a post about my first week :).






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