Dietetic Internship Week #5

Second last week of rotation! It’s crunch time!

Monday: Canadian  Thanksgiving! I was pretty bummed out that I wasn’t home with my family this weekend, but my boyfriend and I made the best of it by getting out of the city for the day for some apple picking and exploring.

We went to Applewood Farm and Winery in Stouffville, ON and when we arrived around 10 am the place was PACKED. To top it all off, once we got into the orchard we soon noticed that the apple trees were rather picked over, and the apples were TINY. Like way tinier than the ones we pick in Nova Scotia. Nonetheless, I was determined to have a good time because apple picking is one of my favourite fall activities.

After the apple picking fun, we decided to take a little drive to my birthplace (also the town where I lived the first 10 years of my life). The town is called Aurora, and it’s about a 40 minute drive north of Toronto. I had such a good time exploring the town that was once my home, and I won’t lie, I felt a TON of nostalgia for the duration of our afternoon in Aurora. We even had lunch at the coolest diner that my dad used to take my sister and I for brunch on Saturdays. My sister, at like 8 years old, would order the steak and eggs like it was NBD. It’s funny how the memories all come flooding back when you visit places like this. I can definitely say I enjoyed my Thanksgiving Monday.

Tuesday: Back to work, and man it sure felt like a Monday. A hardcore Monday. The first day back after a long weekend always seems like this. At the hospital, we were given a small presentation and some exercises to complete all about budgeting. Then, we dove in to the writing portion of our project.

Wednesday: More project report writing. We also attended two meetings today. The first was the monthly food service staff meeting, where my fellow interns and I presented to the staff the results of the tray accuracy audits that we had been doing for the month of September. After lunch, we sat in on a Meal Time Strategies meeting where the members of the committee discussed and planned ways to enhance and improve patient meal consumption at meal times. It was really good stuff!

Thursday: I had an exciting meeting with our program coordinator today! I found out my projects for the year as well as my rotations after Christmas as well. I’m super excited about it all! There will be lots of interesting clinical experiences (Things like peds and ICU), and projects on topics that I’m pretty passionate about. Other than the meeting, we worked away on our project report and had to send out invited and do some prep for a taste panel for new menu items that us interns will be hosting early next week!

Friday: Today we really had to buckle down and finish our draft for our project report. We basically sat at our desks all day long and typed away. We did, however get a little distracted by fall recipes and fashion on Pinterest about 30 minutes before lunch hour… but other than that we worked hard and got it done! Now it just comes down to editing and preparing our project presentation. Next week will sure be a busy one!

Saturday & Sunday: I had a pretty uneventful yet terribly busy weekend. A few assignments to get done, preparation for my Family Health Team rotation that I start in a week, and trying to find time to relax, prepare meals for the next week, and get some exercise! I did however find the time to bake some pumpkin muffins from Minimalist Baker as well as slow cooker apple crisp from Simply Quinoa. Both recipes were super tasty!

It’s Sunday night now, and I’m gearing up for a busy week. My last week of my first rotation is here!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!




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