WIAW: Road Trip + Birthday Party!

So I’m writing this on Wednesday morning, as I had a WIAW post all typed up and ready to go earlier on in the week..but when I went to post it this morning it had magically disappeared..still not sure what went on there. Anyways! The eats I’m sharing this week are from Saturday, January 16th … More WIAW: Road Trip + Birthday Party!


Summer 2015

It’s officially summer, and what a lame start to it we’ve had here in Nova Scotia, Canada. Since the official start to summer on Sunday, it’s been nothing but rain, cloud and chilly temps. Womp. Now that I think about it, I’m almost always complaining about the weather here on my blog posts. That’s probably … More Summer 2015

One Year Blogiversary (!!!) + The Best of Today Will Be Delicious

Helloooo all! Long time no see, I know. It’s been quite a while since I posted anything for you guys here but my summer has honestly been a whirlwind so far. From working like a madwoman, travelling and trying to find some downtime in between all of that, the bloggy here has become a tad … More One Year Blogiversary (!!!) + The Best of Today Will Be Delicious