New Year, Same Me #Goals 

   Well, my post planned for New Years Day didn’t go as planned for a few reasons.  I caught a bout of the good ol’ stomach flu that left me couch-bound for 48 hours. Yes, I went to bed at 10 pm on NYE. After reading several different opinions on the significance of New Years … More New Year, Same Me #Goals 


Life Update + Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl

Hey friends! Miss me? First off – I hope you’re all having a fabulous holiday season filled with love, scrumptious food and hopefully some relaxation. I know it’s been a while, let me just say that with everything that has been going on in my life (finals, working, applying for Dietetic Internships, spending time with … More Life Update + Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl

Happy New Year!

Hello all!! I am terribly sorry for my absence of a solid month and a half. My life has just been so busy since I returned home from Alberta mid-November. Final projects piled up, I started back at work and then finals were right there staring me in the face. Once that was all over … More Happy New Year!