WIAW: Back 2 Class

Happy Hump Day! Kickin’ off being halfway to the weekend with a good old What I Ate Wednesday.

This week, I’m featuring my eats from my first day back to school after the Holiday break. Take a peek!

Breakfast: I woke up at 5:15 to give me enough time to hit the gym, come home to get ready and eat and then catch the bus for a 9am class. It was absolutely freezing but oddly enough after I’d showered and dressed I was craving a good old smoothie bowl.

Whipped up this acai smoothie bowl (frozen banana, berries, acai powder, coconut water and OJ) and topped it with Kashi granola cereal, coconut shavings and goji berries.

Lunch: After a 2 hour and 45 minute class I was beyond ready for lunch when I arrived home. I quickly prepared a veggie-stuffed omelette that I topped with avocado, hot sauce and salsa. With a side of whole-wheat toast. I’m serious when I say I could eat breakfast foods at any time.

Snack: The best thing about Tuesdays?! CHEAP DAY at the movie theatre! My boyfriend and I live for those half-price movie tickets. Since we had the rest of the afternoon off, we caught an afternoon showing of Daddy’s Home (Mark Wahlberg, marry me).

 Before the movie we grabbed some cappuccinos from Starbs and I snacked on mixed nuts, dried fruit and dark chocolate throughout the flick.

Dinner: By the time we arrived home I was hungry yet again and what better way to warm up on a chilly, chilly day than soup with fresh homemade biscuits? Creds to my mom for this one.

Night snack: Unpictured, but in the evening I decided to crack open my Oh She Glows Cookbook and make some Cookie Dough Balls! I may have enjoyed a few dipped in melted chocolate..

And that’s all friends! Another day of eats.

Question of the day: Do you crave smoothies on chilly days or do you prefer warmer breakfasts to heat you up?

– xo Han


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