Back to School: 5 Ways to become a healthier, fitter student

Hey guys!

September is here – meaning it’s back to class for us students! Personally, I couldn’t be more excited. Yes, I know that the summer adventures are coming to an end, but I’ve always loved going back to school. I think it’s for these five reasons:

  1. School supplies shopping – I adore buying fresh new school supplies! They’re so much more fun to use. I just bought a new Kate Spade day planner and UGH I’m in love.
  2. School sports – In junior high and high school I played on just about every sports team there was. Though I always played in a soccer league in the summer as well, back to school meant back to an abundance of sports and fun! And even as a college soccer player, as summer comes to an end, pre-season training begins!
  3. Friends – In the summertime, everyone is always travelling or at my age, everyone is working to pay for school. When September rolls around, the summer jobs come to an end and everyone comes back to the same place! Love it. 
  4. Classes – I may be the only one, but I do really enjoy learning in class. It is rare to find me skipping a class. Maybe I’m crazy – or maybe I just chose the right major :).
  5. Fall – Okay, I know, I’m basic. I love fall. Pumpkin freakin’ spice lattes and all.

So because Back to School is here, I thought I’d compile a list of things us students can do to keep fit and healthy when transitioning back into our hectic schedules.


  1. Prepare breakfast/lunch the night before – this is such a timesaver for early mornings. I’ve been packing my lunch for school or work the night before since I started packing my lunches in junior high. It makes mornings so much smoother because you don’t even have to stop and think for a second what you’re going to eat later on in the day. If you can prep your breakfast too – bonus! Overnight oats are always great, or pack smoothie ingredients into a freezer bag so you can just throw them in the blender with liquid in the morning!
  2. Work out – preferably in the morning – I know this isn’t possible for everyone but if you can squeeze your workout in before your long days of classes and studying I highly recommend doing so! Morning workouts help wake you up in the morning, give your metabolism a boost early in the day and just make you feel great! I really don’t think there’s any better way to start the day than with a sweat session (big or small).
  3. Take the stairs – I don’t know about you, but at my university there is a boat load of stairs and hills on campus. Do I ever even hesitate to take them? Nope! Taking the stairs over the eleavator adds to your daily step count, your daily calorie burn and active minutes. Not to mention all that leg/booty toning included! Lugging my backpack full of books up five flights of stairs was never a question for me and shouldn’t be for you either!
  4. Get a good sleep – Everyone complains about exhaustion in college and university. What I don’t get is: why don’t these people prioritize getting a good sleep? I know at times it’s hard to say no to another night out or to close the books and climb into bed when you have studying to do, but it really is about prioritizing and managing your time. Create a schedule for yourself so that you can fit in time to study and sleep. So many people think being healthy and fit is only about working out hard and eating clean and then living life in between. They don’t realize that resting is a key factor to being healthy and fit as well. When we’re sleeping, our brains and bodies are resting and recovering in order to get up and work hard again the following day. If you’re tired due to lack of sleep, you won’t perform as well in your workouts – you might even skip them, you’re more likely to make unhealthy eating decisions and you definitely won’t feel like studying. So please, TRY to adopt a better sleep schedule people!
  5. Do your best to be flexible and balanced – We all get tired, we all have slip-ups and we all have those nights we want to enjoy out with friends or on the couch eating takeout. We’re human. My teammates know me as the girl who goes to bed early, works out religiously and rarely touches junk food. What they don’t know is: I don’t always get 8 hours of sleep, I frequently have rest days and I treat myself often. Balance is the key to my life. Yes, the majority of the time my eating, my workouts and my sleep schedule is on track but I do have those days where I give my body a rest or I treat myself to pizza or sushi (AND dessert!!) or have a wine night with the girls. It’s OKAY. In fact, it’s incredibly normal and healthy. So there’s no need to freak if you have to miss a workout or you’re out and your friends are all ordering fries and you really don’t feel like having a salad again. Be flexible! Don’t stress! Be balanced 🙂

I hope these tips are helpful and if you have any that you think are also important I would love if you commented them below!

Happy Back to School!!!




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