A Busy Girl’s Tips for a Healthy Work Week

Hey all!

It’s been a busy past few days and it’s about to get busier. This chick is going back to work. I was never actually unemployed for the summer, I’ve been working part time at Garage – the clothing store – since I finished school. I’ve actually been employed there for almost four years now (fun fact). But I’m finally starting up my full-time desk job.

What is my job exactly? Well, I’m a receptionist at a moving company. I worked there last summer but I’m only starting my summer there now because the moving business hasn’t exactly been bumpin’ so far this spring/summer and they weren’t quite in need of my assistance yet. I think I probably bugged them so much that even though it’s not busy they just decided to let me come back.

Anyways, I am excited to get back to my job (aka no longer being broke) but there is quite the downside to working full-time at a desk.. it’s all sitting! Sitting all day can actually be pretty detrimental to your health. Not to mention the donuts and excessive amounts of coffee that go hand-in-hand with the office life. But what can you do, right? When you’re a university student that needs a full-time summer job with good pay you don’t really get to pick and choose. You take what you can get. Well I’m here to tell you that there is a lot that you can do to preserve your health while working a 9-5 (in my case, 8-5) in an office all day long. Working full time while also trying to manage physical activity, a social life, “me” time and whatever else can get pretty darn hectic. The stress of work and school may have many negative effects such as stress-eating, weight gain, crankiness and exhaustion. I’ve come up with a list of tips to keep you moving, full of nutritious foods, organized and less stressed whether you’re working or in class all day. These tips are things that I routinely do and that work for me. I hope that you also find them helpful!

A Busy Girl’s Tips for a Healthy Work Week:

  • Prepare nutritious food on Sunday afternoon/evening for the upcoming week. Cut up veggies and fruits, cook up some grains & proteins and store them in the fridge for a  quick and easy packed lunch
  • Pack your lunches/ plan and prepare breakfasts the night before. This way you won’t have to rush around in the morning trying to decide what to eat.
  • Stash portioned out snacks in your purse, car or desk. Now if you get hungry in between meals you have no excuses to reach for that glazed donut. Great (and easy) options are almonds, an apple, a cheese string or veggie sticks.
  • Work out in the morning. I know it’s hard to set the alarm even earlier than you already do, but too often I come home from work just wanting to park my butt on the couch to watch Netflix for the rest of the night. If you get your exercise before work, you can spend your evening doing whatever else you’d like.
  • Set out your workout gear before you go to bed. it’ll be right there for you to jump into when your alarm goes off. Or even better: sleep in your workout clothes. Absolutely no effort goes in to that one!
  • Pick out your work/school outfit the night before. Again, you won’t have to spend your time rushing around because “you have NO CLOTHES!” (when in reality, you have a closet full of clothes).
  • Go to bed EARLY. Seriously, staying up until midnight when you have to get up at 5 or 6 is not helping your mood, your weight or your health in any way. I find it hard when I get home from work at 5:30 pm and only have four hours until I need to be getting ready for bed, but it’s worth it. Your tomorrow self will thank you.
  • Set an hourly alarm when you’re at work to get up and move around a bit or stretch – sitting for too long is no good.
  • Every time you go to use the washroom, do a 10-15 reps of an exercise (squats, wall-taps, lunges, wall push-ups, etc.)
  • Try to drink 8oz of water for every hour that passes. That way, by the end of the day you’ll have your 8 glasses!

I seriously recommend that you guys try out a few of these tips, if not all of them. Especially if you find you’re often super tired, hungry, stressed or cranky throughout the day. I guarantee you’ll start to feel better! Healthy eating and physical activity are honestly the best cure for just about anything :).

That’s all for now. I’m just starting to get in the full-time routine again so hopefully I’ll have another post up in a few days.

Bye for now!





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